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RKB and the ENVIRONMENT - New York City and The Adirondacks

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Green for Ages; Green for Good

REBECCA KELLY BALLET encourages partnerships with organizations sharing the common goal of raising awareness and providing solutions in our stewardship of the environment. Please contact RKB's Office to find out the many ways creative and practical ways we can work together: RKB - 212-431-8489

Some of Kelly's many environmental ballets are described below.


Mountain Lakes PBS-TV Spotlight: Rebecca Kelly and her Environmental Ballets, 4-12
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The environment has long been a concern and a topic in Rebecca Kelly's creativity. Rebecca Kelly Ballet has been at the edge of contemporary arts trends making dances which raise awareness for pressing social issues, Her expressive dancers are uniquely versatile in both modern and classical ballet technique.

The Company has spent over 24 summers presenting its performance camp, OnStage and a variety of intensives, performances, mentoring, and original dance-based activities in the towns and hamlets of northern-most upstate New York, from Plattsburgh to Watertown amd from Lake Placid to North Creek.

In 2007 RKB was selected by the 100-year old Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks to present for its constituency Tear of the Clouds, Rebeca's seminal 1989 environmental work bringing awareness and dialogue to the ongoing concern about acid rain and its effects on our forests and lakes. AFPA is dedicated to sustaining ecological integrity and mutual well being of natural and human communities in the Adirondack Park.


APAYAANA 2011 (pictured above) –“Climate change was the thought behind this ballet made during the tumultuous weather of spring 2011.  I’d already noticed the patterns of the hummingbirds and butterflies seemed to be shifting.  Apayaana is the Sanskrit word for flight, as in retreat.  The ballet shifts from an environment of harmony, using a tapestry of natural sounds, in contrast to the increasingly taut rhythms and melodies of a classical string quartet, to finally a point of departure.” RK

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Tear of the Clouds peformance photograph by
Todd Bissonette
Background photograph by Mark Sadan

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Bill McKibben, author Deep Economy
RKB's 2008 Honorary Chair, Benefit Committee

Tear of the Clouds
A multi-media work including striking images of the dancers photographed by Mark Sadan in the Adirondack Woods, Tear of the Clouds is named for the headwaters of the Hudson River. When it was created in 1989, the Butoh theater- influenced ballet depicted the slow death of a forest from acid rain. Today, just as relevant, the ballet speaks to our disappearing forests and global warming.

"Forests provide food, fuel, fiber, medicine and building materials. They shelter wildlife, prevent erosion, filter water, protect coral reefs, control pests and mitigate climate change by capturing and storing atmospheric carbon. They are also the planet's fastest-disappearing natural resource.

Four hundred years ago, two-thirds of the planet's land mass was covered by forest. Today, only half that area is forested, and we continue to lose what stands. The world's remaining forests are often concentrated in the most biologically diverse and sensitive areas, typically in countries with few protections or forest preserves in place, making them as vulnerable as they are valuable."

Extract from Vision for Sustainability, Rainforest Alliance

DB panda

A Delicate Balance, (1993) A youth ballet on subject of endangered species in the rain forests, acquired by the North Country Ballet Ensemble, Plattsburgh, NY in 2004, and widely toured in '08.

DB birdA Delicate Balance takes us from dawn to dusk in the lives of animals whose time is running out, we are invited to consider how humans with our growing needs can live side by side, in balance and in harmony, with our neighbors.

PBS-TV Mountain Lakes host Derek Muirden performed the cameo role of The Naturalist

Boundaries groupWilderness
(pictured left)
shrinking habitats,  disenfranchisement of populations,
original score by Adrian Carr

The Wilderness Suite 2002 (right)– protection for the wilds,
with gift use of score by composer Richard Adler

RK's Ballet, Adirondack Elemental: Earth Air Waters
(2008) inspiring awareness for  NY State’s natural resource, the Adirondack Park
with original scores by composers: Martha Gallagher, Sue Grimm, Abby Newton,

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Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
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Collapse, Jared Diamond
Deep Economy, Bill McKibben
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Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan
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The Small Mart Revolution, Michael H. Shuman

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