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Clarion pastel

"Clarion by Moonlight" 7/16

" This was done on the smooth side of pastel paper which normally is not painted on when using pastels.  Almost all of the drawing is built upon a layer of General's white charcoal that is a "foundation".  Using only black and brow Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils, I drew in the values and used a very fine stiff bristled "scrubber brush" (made for watercolor) to blend the browns and blacks into the foundation.  This takes many layering passes that eventually build into a great range of values.   This particular drawing style was developed by CJ and his past artist friends in other prisons.  Ever since then it has been a continuous evolving style feeding off of newer artist's input.  It is sort of a midway between pastel and traditional color pencil work."


"Cityscape" 8-16, Watercolor, 17x10"

"A combination of washes, wet on wet, dry on dry and everything in between. Your NYC photos did inspire the subject however the piece is a construct of my imagination with artistic inspiration provided by the Watercolor Artist magazine."

When I am working on a painting I really enjoy, I sure feel good.  Compliments feel like a rush especially when they come from other respected artists here.  It makes good use of my time and I am learning some good stuff quickly.  It is interesting however, I have no other watercolor artists that I can trade ideas with.  They are painting in more of an illustration style which can be conveyed through oil or acrylics just as well. 

That ring painting I did, as well as KISS are good examples of that saturated style.  The style that I am developing now is much more relaxed and takes advantage of the transparency value of w/c.


"Flight" detail (1/2 of full image) from larger work, "Pandora's Portal" Watercolor. "20"x"30" June 2016

7-13-16 "The paper is 140lb hot press painted with transparent watercolor and guache.  It took 9 months to complete, partly because often I became disenchanted with it. To me, the ring of life is commanded by the willow which directed the anchors to embed in the ground and slowly crack and crush and bend a cell/cage that confined a bird."

1-26-16 "I always have some kind of image in my mind that I want to will to the paper.  Most times whatever it is, it kind of comes out, but it’s not to my liking.  I doubt with any level of skill I would be happy with what I produce solely because I hold too high of expectations."


Camp "Clarion" in the Adirondacks
12 3/4" x 9 3/4"

"I actually completed this drawing within an hour. Charcoal painting (yes I have been told that both charcoal and pastel works can be called "paintings" - the tones/hues are blended with an implement, ie finger, blender, cloth)"

Falling rock


"Falling Rock dream house"

January 2016

pencil, 8.5x11

"first drawn in county jail a long time ago - my dream house. I include here a quick new rendering of it."


High ground

11-15 detail

"High Sanctuary, 11-19-15
graphite, watercolor, 18" x 14"

It took me about two weeks to complete.  There are lots of small hidden things in the piece which mean various things.  The overall tone of the image is that the place is like a sanctuary. 

The "rock" in the water is a head of some kind of monster looking up the spire.  There is a heart that is half submerged within the hollow rock/wood structure that has arteries coming out that might end up being the roots of the tree. one also being a hand reaching.  I am not sure what the burning tree means but the small sign and fence line are sort of like a broken history. 

The black skyline in the distance is like of like society. blah blah blah.  There are some H.R. Giger themes in there and I had to invent lots of different techniques to develop different textures;  i.e. the cliffs are done with a sponge and many highlights are done by using plain water to wash out a light spot. 

It was interesting and I am happy with it.  I am way too specific for watercolor at some points because I like to be working with something very precise (like ink or graphite) yet the larger dimensions allowed me to blow things up at little.

detail from "High Sanctuary"

smiling eyes


"smiling eyes"

October 30, 2015

Here is a sketch I worked on for practice. I was mainly trying to focus on the crazy lighting effects on the iris as well as conveying the personality through the eyes only. It's ok. I do not have a set of pencils that give me the blacks that I would like.

red haired girl


"Smiling Girl"

September 24, 2015

"Finally, this project is over. She took about 3 weeks of work to "finish." I have no idea who she is, but I found inspiration within a watercoloring book.

I was told that to be a good graphite portrait artist, one should be able to convince the viewer that the subject is a red head.

Blonds and brunettes are easier. Redish hair shows up as the same as brown in the gray scale.

To try future drawings of family and friends, please send me b/w prints if you can. Translating color into grayscale is what I am learning about now."


"K.I.S.S." Sept 3-2015
watercolor, 5x9
Dedicated to artist and my instructor Sean McCabe, of Winthrop, WA, who passed away 2009.

Extracted from CR letter to the McCabe family: “I owe a lot to Mr. McCabe.  Many things that I’ve received from him transcend the subject of art all together.  I would never have been able to vent or communicate with my over-active, creative mind.  I would never have discovered how happy I could make someone by only creating a piece of work solely with them in mind.

“Learning about (the passing of) your husband, father, friend, my teacher inspired me to make the watercolor.  It’s full of bright hues, the colors my art teacher encouraged me to use liberally.  It is also based on a simple subject which follows the K.I.S.S. rule.  The painting, a gift to your family, is proof of the everlasting effects that Sean McCabe has on those he interacted with.  Thank you.”


Sept 2015
color pencil, graphite, and watercolor

"The "bullet" is made up of the name, my handle, Knomor. It was really just an exercise in creativity. I started out by sketching the idea with another inmate who is into urban art.

I showed D a few of your photo captures of the ever changing wall. He claims he personally knows one of the artists!"

Mini Cooper

Jen's Mini Cooper "S."
Sept 2015

"Watercolor - frustrating to work on. Trying to render some subject that is technical like a car is very difficult, in contrast to painting a flower or an oceanscape. I had to force myself to stop only because my perfectionism kept compelling my brush to mend minor nuances that I alone could see. In a way, the untidy presentation of bright brush strokes bring a warm organic filter over a cold piece of metal."

First charcoal portrait


Woman in Cap,

First charcoal portrait.

"The woman I drew is/was on the cover of an issue of a magazine, very pretty.  The face is graphite, the hair charcoal.  Her hat was the hardest part, so much detail. 

I experimented with trying to render different textures such as the different patches. I really like how I can work with charcoal, messy but I love how it blends and covers.  Very good for smooth organic shapes, i.e. people."










first created during the year of
waiting at SEATAC, Washington


Marxer web


February 2014

Experiments in cross-hatching

Dragon inspired by a sculpture,
Anzo Borego, CA

Drawn while working on "Nadesa Kudomo" manuscript




"The Muse"

Dec 2014

Pencil sketch of RKB dancer in the role of "Queen of the North Winds," from The Nutcracker Ballet, copied by the artist from a 2010 photograph of the dancer by Todd Bissonette




Mother's Day cards, colored pencil,
May 2013

Wedding card, colored pencil,
May 2013

Flower - watercolor, using
invented paint, (see below)
December 2013. This image was selected for Solitary Watch annual Christmas Card, 2016

Blossom - watercolor,
July 2015



storm trooper

05 Storm Trooper GTC
"Pen and watercolor, 
Feb 11, 2014

“Pen crosshatch and watercolor (yellow mustard, blue raspberry – coffee grounds) of Salahuddin’s 2005 Bently GTC concepted in a “Storm Trooper” theme.  

I used coffee for a pigment and it dries into a sticky viscosity, so careful or it will leave brown marks on whatever is rested on top of it.”

Completed in Special Housing Unit



Metaphor for Heart
October / November, 2013

“This is a visual metaphor for how my heart (emotions) influence all -consuming destruction (the moon being torn apart by the black hole)  while penetrating and invading, passing through the mask, influencing music that I love, which lead to broken connections to everybody and everything." 


(RK note: This was created on the back of a psych form called “Thought Record” for notating situation, place, time and notes to gain mastery over emotions and actions.)



Skull 2013



Notes / image provided by TBK, 1-16.

"The skull illustration is ballpoint, one of his earlier experiments in creating watercolors using the food items available to him, such as lemonade powder."

Landscape 2013


exercise in crosshatching

Notes / image provided by TBK, 1-16

quoting CR "just experimenting with stupid crosshatching. Wish I had colors."


first watercolor

Watercolor, 12-19-13

"I actually got inspired and painted you (GMK) a gift.  I had no real watercolor so I got creative.  Using a combination of yellow lemon juice and red fruit punch, I was able to combine the powders to make various shades.  The brown is coffee and the tips of the shoots have a pepper/tooth paste composite to simulate spores.  I used string, cardboard, and a tooth brush to apply the mediums, and black ball point to highlight shadows.

I learned a lot already from the book and cannot wait to get watercolor pencils.  I have to say I am a little proud of the end product…by the way, I had no reference photos for this piece.  Please share it with the family, cousins as well."

This image was selected for Solitary Watch annual Christmas Card, 2016

Green dragon


Dragon, October 3, 2013 

Right now I am reading the Inheritance series, it is about a boy named Aregon who grows up with one of the last dragons in his realm. 

I really like dragons and have always been captivated by their power and intelligence.

If they existed, they would be greatly misunderstood. 

They are supposed to be magical protectors and not evil lizards.  I usually read one book at a time.

Broken bridges




Broken Bridges


2006 car boat men


Anacortes, WA



Tomorrow April 22, 2013 (Happy Earth Day, BTW, thanks to your monthly calender) I will be making a curry chicken wrap with bell peppers and rice with a spicy peanut sauce, and a cheese cake.  Now it’s only for G, D, and myself; we are all pitching in.  Since I am the only one with the "spick rack" I had to dig into my monthly budget a little, but it should be worth it. Below are random recipes. Enjoy!

11-2016 Here it was pretty much the same as last year, and the year before. I did celebrate with a few of the guys by making a cheese cake and an entre. The Cheese cake had an Oreo crust with just plain vanilla filling that had lemon pound cake "lady" fingers thrown into the mix all topped with crumbled up cookies. Yeah it was pretty good.

I am making a CHEESECAKE tonight.  The cheesecake was made with a honey graham-cracker crust, with a normal New York style white filler, but swirled into it was batter that was flavored as coffee and chocolate.  Caramel was drizzled on the top with crushed up peanuts and M&M's.  Everyone loved it, telling me it was the best and most authentic cheesecake they have had.

So the cheesecake was a hit, we hollowed out the cake and promtly ate the innards. Then I made the cheesecake filling with a new flour-added recipe.  Some of the ingredients are blackmarket out of the kitchen, but it was worth it.  The challange I was having with the cheese cake was the viscosity,  Well, the firmness, the flour fixed that.  We melted a chocolate bar over the top and cut it up into slices after I chilled it on ice.

I plan on taking a POUND CAKE, which they sell at the store for the holiday, cutting it open, stuffing it with some cheesecake batter and then sealing it up in a milk chocolate "glue."  D and I came up with the idea so we will try to execute it later tonight.


Thai rice noodles soup kit
6 Caramel squares
1 teaspoon of maple syrup
2 oz crushed peanuts
sugar and cinnamon mix

Sometimes I have leftover rice noodles in the aftermath of pillaging the Thai soup kit for their spices. What to do with these funny, flat, translucent, flavorless, anti-pasta (Get it?) Typically I would hand them off to another inmate. But experimenting is fun, takes up time, and leads to a treat.

1) Break up 1/2 package of noodles into individual pieces. Place in empty popcorn bag.
2) Melt patties of margarine and pour over noodles in the bag, shake and add enough so that the yellow sheen covers all surfaces.
3) Place in microwave. LEAVE TOP OF BAG OPEN to allow steam to exit, 45 seconds on high. Remove and shake. Heat again 20 seconds, shake and repeat until the noodles resemble golden foam - shiny but ridged.
4) Add to bag, a few tablespoons of cinnamon sugar, and shake.
5) In a small cup, combine the caramel squares with syrup and a pinch of salt. Heat slowly in the microwave to melt completely.
6) In a bowl, spread out the fried noodles evenly. Drizzle caramel over all, and add crushed up peanuts. Let cool for brittle, or mixt it all up to form clusters. Reminds me of holiday caramel turtles.

10-31-15 LEMON ZEST. "So apparently, when life gives you lemons - in prison - make lemon cheesecake." I had a lemon but I had to figure a way to use it. We have cans of Ajax (the cleaner). The top of the can is a perforated metal piece. After cleaning the lid, I used a pen to flare out the holes on one edge which formed a grater. I grated the lemon into a pile of zest.

I took a transluscent prescription bottle (the orange medication type) and filled it halfway with butter patties and added the lemon zest. The medication container will not melt even with boiling oil in it. So I microwaved to boil the combination until the oil infused.

Then I used my previous CHEESECAKE RECIPE - without fruit or cinnamon. Instead, I used the lemon butter and a few cream centers out of some lemon shortbread sandwich cookies sold to us at the store.

My CARAMEL APPLE CHEESECAKE is a big birthday present hit for Junior on Nov 1

8-22-16 I made a nice treat for myself tonight thanks to the chick peas that they had as an option (rare) for dinner.  I took them back to the unit mashed them up real well with olive oil, garlic, onions, thyme, pepper, a little soy sauce, chili powder and finally black olives with some olive juice.  I wrapped them up in a tortila and bam.

I make a lot of my own food.  Cooking to me is theraputic, it helps me knock out an hour of the day out of which I would normally be bored.  Plus I found (per the Habits book) that when I cook food I am more compelled to go out and workout so I feel that I have earned what I made.  The chowhall here serves dinner way too early for my liking.  Usually our unit eats at around 5pm.  I like to go outside, skip the dinner, or sometimes lunch and then eat whatever I have made.  That gets expensive but to me it is important.

F.N.F.R = FRIDAY NIGHT FRIED RICE w/ turkey! using empty popcorn bag to toss rice, cook in microwave with my special seasoning. (Ask for details)

2-16 The SAUSAGE was interesting. It got really good reviews. I sliced and smooshed up two beef summer sausages, cooked them to drive all the juices out, added a bit of olive oil, pepper, oregano, basil, garlic power, chili powder, cumin and minced onion.  This I cooked enough to draw out the flavors of the spices.  Then I got one egg, beat it and poured into the meat mix and kneaded it all together.  Using a larger pill bottle (you read that correctly) I packed the meat mix into the bottle and microwaved for two min.  This was interesting because any water that was in the meat vaporized and pushed the meat up and out of the bottle like a piston of an engine.  A small hole had to be made at the bottom to act as a relief.  After the meat cooked for the last time and cooled down, it just slides out of the bottle; then you repeat.  It is quirky but it worked.  I could re-slice the meat to put on my pasta or a pizza or anything.  Changing the spices would make for a good mix for anything Mex-American.  The orange pill bottles do not melt for some wonderful reason.  I've actually filled one up with olive oil and fried small things in it.

Adventures with KIM CHI. I am exploring a new venture made with the vinegar base of the juices from a bag of pickles mixed with powder and spicy garlic sauce.  I then get a huge quantity of cabbage from lunch.  (Nobody eats theirs), in a sealed bag and let it mix and soak for 48 hours.  It makes for a cheap and easy snack when topped on white rice.

Saturday I am making a CHICKEN ALREDO over PENNE PASTA. I’ve also made CURRY CHICKEN with peanut butter, sugar, garlic sauce and crushed up whole peanuts.  Not many people like curry, I have found.  Putting the curry chicken mix on a bed of brown rice in a wrap with Kim Chi sounds pretty tasty to me. 

THE WRAP: I bought a small tub of cottage cheese from a guy who gets it on his special diet.  I added a bit of hot sauce and minced up jalapenos into the cottage cheese.  Laying all the items together on a tortilla with collected lettuce on top, makes for a different treat.  THE WRAP might not follow a particular theme, but it is tastier than anything we get on Main Line.

10-5-15 We get these rice noodle kits that I used to buy for the seasonings that are included.  You cannot do much with rice noodles in here, I thought.  But I made a oil/garlic base to cover the noodles in, put them in a popcorn bag and fried them in the microwave.  Man are they good!  Sort of like a SNACK CHIP.  Pretty healthy considering other chip alternatives.  The fried noodles then go great on the rice with peanut sauce, meat, and raisins.

FRIED NOODLES - also add texture and crunch to wraps and rice bowls. The PASTA was the best though.  I cooked the penne in water with olive oil/Italian seasoning and salt.  I fried pepperoni slices to make them crunchy and used the secreted oils to melt down the white cheese.  I added a little more olive oil to the sauce base with onion flakes, garlic powder, pepper, a little creamer mix, water, Italian seasoning and milk, then reduced it.  I also let the naked chicken soak in water with spices in it.  Once it was all put together it was pretty damn good.  So now everyone wants me to cook for them.

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Recent Works-Slideshow
Conor headshot


an essay, 1-6-16

6-12-15 ART

Question: What inspires you?

Answer:  Usually when I feel I want to make a connection with someone or get a message across I get inspired to draw. 

I feel that I am a big rolling stone, meaning that it takes a lot to get me going (inspired) but when the momentum is up then I can usually bang out a pretty cool piece.  But that takes a lot of energy as well, which makes creative spells far and few between --it also depends a lot on my mental state. Sometimes I hate being labeled as the artistic type because of my perfectionism. 

Question: Do others know your work?

Answer: Not many people know what I do. 

Question: Where do you do your artwork?

Answer. I typically draw in my cell when it is quiet.  I do not like drawing when my celly is home or on the floor.  I am picky in this respect because I find myself pretty protective over that of what I am working on until I part with it.  So I typically work at night (late, when others are asleep) or early in the AM after I go check into work.


7-17-15 MUSIC

Question: What kind of music do you like?

Answer: I mainly listen to the two groups Tycho and KOAN Sound when drawing.  (Tycho - See is my new favorite song for now).


I used to be into a type of niche genre of music that people here call scenester music.  I call it Contemporary Folk.  It reminds me of the nights hanging out with friends at our local brew-pub.

The Decembrists, Lumineers, of Monsters and Men, Florence + the Machine (amazing female vocalist!), Mumford and Sons (made this genre popular) are all bands I am going for.

We are allowed to search for music in four 15 minutes sessions per day.  We can sample music 30 times.  Each sample is anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute depending on the entire songs length.  We can search by genre/sub-genre, most popular (to what standard I am not sure) and I can search manually for music by artist/album/track title. Song cost either 16, 24 or 31 credits

(Editor's NOTE: In order for inmates to purchase MP3 songs, they must have money on their account.  While every federal prison inmate has a trust fund account, they must purchase TRU Units through any TRULINCS computer.  TRU Units cost 5 cents each, can be purchased in denominations of 40, 100, 200, 300, and 600 units at a time.  These purchases are automatically deducted from the inmate's trust fund account balance.  Once these TRU Units are purchased, they can be used to buy music, utilize the monitored email service (called the "Public Messaging" folio), or print documents in the institution's law library.  At no time are taxpayer funds used to buy inmates music, email credits, or printing credits.  In fact, profits from the use of the email and MP3 player services cover all expenses associated with their operation (e.g., computer hardware, etc.)


Scroll below for recipes behind bars.

How do you cook in prison?
 I don’t know if you could exactly call what I do - cooking.  It’s not like I am making salted crunchy steak a la H.  We do not have a kitchen so I have to improvise.  The only tool that I have to work with is 190 degree F hot water that comes out of a Hot Shot tap, intended to make tea and coffee.  After getting bored  eating other people’s concoctions in which all the ingredients are mixed and cooked together at one time, I started to offer to cook for others, promising a little bit of variety. These are some of my inventions!

I can make food that other inmates cannot replicate, such as my orange peanut curry, or glazed chicken on rice (made with a glaze made from a stock of reduced Coca Cola).   I also make a cheesecake out of coffee creamer, velveta cheese(!), coffee peanuts, and a peanut butter/ chocolate oatmeal crust. 

The point is to make a dish that is like food maybe you could taste on the streets, all the whlie trying to remove the prison aspect of food thrown together. 

See below for some of my cooking inventions!

In the store selection, out of about 60 consumable items, 60% are Mexi-American items such as rice, beans, tortillas, and spices.  The most popular and common made dish in here would be a wrap or burrito variant.