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STEM in Au Sable Forks -

Investigations, study, experimentation and discovery under the guidance of experienced instructors. Different subjects every year. For ages 8-13. Science Lab Fee $90. Five days
Click for Registration Science LAB, July 10-14, 2017.
Illuminates the patterns and structures all around us. Stimulates inquiry, sparks curiosity, and reveals mathmatics through problem solfing and guided discovery. For grades 6-9. Math Discovery fee $70. Wed-Fri, July 5-7, 9:30 & 11:15, 3 days.
Click for Registration Math, July 5-7, 2017.

Tahawus Summer STEM program is now in its sixth year in Au Sable Forks.
SOLIDS and SOLUTIONS! This is the summer to have fun with Chemistry and Experiments! Investigate super saturated solutions, make borax crystals, discover non-Newtonian fluids - are they solid or liquid? Explore air pressure and gas laws. FIELD ECOLOGY Students study the ecosystem at the confluence of the East and West Branch of the Ausable River. Identify trees, plants, flowers, and insects. MATH DISCOVERIES Explore Infinity, measure the chaos of the human heart! Learn about statistical and information theory.

Students investigate by experiencing first hand. They develop critical thinking skills and problem solving to design and build their own projects. The Lab is a 5-day, morning program, July 10-14, divided into two age groups: 8-10 and 11-12+ years. Math Discovery is a 3-day program, JUly 5-7.

Hands on learning and outstanding teaching is a critical
and integral component of this enrichment program.

Kaitlin Fielder, Science Instructor, now in her third year at the Lab, is a science teacher at Elizabethtown-Lewis Central. She has a B.A. in Environmental Science and a Master of Science Degree in Earth Science Education. She has taught Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics, Environmental Science and Forensics. Ms. Fielder was a 2009 recipient of the New Science Teacher of the Year award from STANYS, and is now a Section Area Representative in Earth Science for the Scence Teacher Association. She is a recent fellow in the NYS Master Teacher which focuses on developing expertise on science content, pedagogy, and student communities.

Jeremie Fish, Math Instructor, is a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Physics along with a Masters in Mathematics at Clarkson University. He grew up in the northern Adirondack's. He launches Math Discovery, Tahawus' pilot program in math for youth. He enjoys teaching and research, and plans to become a Professor upon graduation. Jeremie writes a biweekly Science column which can be seen in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

"The programs being developed are needed and impactful to the kids
who are fortunate to attend, and to our area overall
Casella Waste Systems

Tahawus’ goal is to attract expert instructors and curious youth and introduce them to the wonder of discovery, hands on lab experiments procedures, to create interest and enthusiasm for STEM, and to make area teachers aware of the potential for extra-curricular enrichment at the Tahawus Center. The Center is located at the confluence of the East and West Branch of the Ausable River, at 14234 Rt 9N, in Au Sable Forks.

CASELLA WASTE SYSTEMS is a founding and leadership supporter for the Center’s Science Lab and Tahawus' efforts to build a full STEM program. “It’s a very worthwhile and exciting partnership,” says Bill Meyers, General Manager of Casella, "It’s great to be a part of program highlighting the sciences for kids in our area."

Not only was Casella on board at the very first Lab helping to support scholarships and costs, but following Hurricane Irene, when Tahawus’ basement was flooded by 6.5 feet of water, Casella provided a dumpster for debris that needed to be removed. Later, in support of our STEM efforts, Casella sent us a rising female executive who visited with our students to share her own path through science to her career as Sustainability Manager today.

TAHAWUS CENTER opened its doors in 2011 to showcase the creative output of the Ausable River Valley. Activities taking place in its Windows Art Gallery and the Cloudsplitter Dance Studio, have included science labs, symposia, independent film series, dance, yoga, and visual arts instruction, choreography, rehearsal projects, and music events, Tahawus Center gathers professionals and provides space to bring their expertise, knowledge, and creativity to the Adirondack community in Essex and Clinton counties., Find the “What’s Next” page, where you can download flyers on all programs, and registration forms. 646-734-7151